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On a bleak night in 2010, Mario was finally motivated to change his life. In a two week span he had woken up on three separate occasions to heart attack symptoms. The last woke him at 3 A.M., his heart pounding like heavy metal drums,sweating profusely, body shaking, and his left arm was numb.

His first thought was “I’m gonna die.”. He didn’t call for help, because in a way he felt that if this was coming, it was well deserved. He prayed and asked God to give him another chance. He swore he would make it right. The last thing he remembered thinking before passing out was that this was not how he wanted to be remembered.
Many years of self-inflicted abuse lead to this point in Mario’s life. He was a big guy, at a height of 6′ 3”, and at his peak, he weighed 460lbs. His smoking habits consisted of two packs of Newports daily. He went out partying multiple times a week and consumed large amounts of alcohol. Mario ate anything and everything with no regard for his health. He knew it wasn’t a smart way to live but Mario didn’t have the right motivation to change… Until that faithful night in 2010.

After that nights events Mario woke up in an odd position in the bed. At first he was confused and then he became really angry. This day would change his life forever. Mario made a promise to God and himself that this would never happen again. That next week he changed everything. Mario quit smoking cold turkey, started eating healthier, and started walking on a treadmill twice a day. Of course it was the only thing he could do being that heavy. Mario didn’t care. It was a start. It didn’t matter how long it would take. He was going to take his life back.

Several years later when Mario was down 185 lbs he booked a trip to Philadelphia. He wanted to run up and down the stairs from the movie Rocky which had greatly inspired him. Mario had visualized doing it so many times in his mind. He promised that once a certain weight was reached he’d do it for real. In the beginning of 2013 he did just that. When Mario finally got to run up those stairs it was one of the greatest moments of his life. In those moments Mario had thought he could do anything.

2013 was a year of real accomplishment for Mario. At the end of the year he reached his long time goal of losing 200 lbs. When he saw the number on the scale it brought him to tears. It was like no accomplishment he’d ever reached. It seemed so crazy and unattainable but he was making it happen. Since then Mario has dropped another 20 lbs.

It doesn’t end there because in 2014 one of Mario’s followers shared his story with CNN Report. This subsequently lead to Mario being interviewed by The article can be found here.
After the interview Mario gained more following especially on Facebook and more traffic to his blog site. He started getting emails from people that said they were inspired by his story. It made him realize how important his journey really was. This in turn inspired him to write a book titled “I’ve said it all before” which was released in October of 2014.

What’s Mario secret? Mentality. He continually finds new ways to motivate himself. It can be books videos,and interacting with other on similar journeys. The biggest tip he gives is “ Don’t bullshit yourself”. Do what what works for you. Use what motivates you. In Mario’s words “If Rocky mtoivates you. USE IT. If fucking bunny rabbits motivate you, paste pictures of them to the treadmill. The journey is always, ALWAYS about you”. The one thing Mario said he can’t stress enough is this: “When you have a dream, and you work your ass off to make it happen, and then it does. No feeling can come close”.

What can you glean from Mario? You are capable of much more than you think. Even if it seems impossible. It is not. Take it day by day. Stay motivated any way you can. Work your ass off and the “impossible” becomes possible. If Mario can do it so can you.

A Big Thank you to Mario Colao for sharing his story with us.

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