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5 Ways To Stay Motivated To Lift Weights


It’s not always easy to stay motivated to go to the gym and that’s especially true when you’re first getting started. Even people that have been doing it for a while can get tired and sometimes may want to skip the gym. There are times when life gets in the way and you have to take care of personal or business responsibilities. It can be hard to keep grinding with all of the other things in life taking up your time and energy. With all of that in mind here are five tips that will help you stay motivated to hit the weights.

1. Don’t really upon others to stay motivated to go to the gym

If you find a gym partner that’s as motivated or more than you it can be extremely beneficial to have them around but that can be rare. A good partner will push you to be better however, often times gym partners can be unreliable. They may not show up. They’ll make excuses, they’ll show up really late. So if you rely on someone else you may never end up getting to work out. If you are self reliant it wont matter because you’ll be there putting in work regardless of whether or not your work out partner is there. You wont have to constantly  over accommodate someone and that gets old real quick. After a while the results of consistency will show. To succeed you need to be internally motivated. End of story.

2. Set achievable, measurable, Time sensitive goals.

Many people that start out have no particular goals in mind. They just dive right in with the goal of “losing weight or “getting in shape”. It’s important to set a specific goal such as I want to lose “30 lbs of body fat in 8 months or I want to gain 5lbs of muscle in a year. Visualize what you want. Push forward towards your goal. One way to do that is to measure your progress in a journal. Write down your measurements every other week. In addition to recording measurements if you want to to get an even better idea take a picture every so often to see the visual progression. This will help you along the way to those short and long term goals. When you see that progress it will inspire you to consistently work out and to keep setting goals. Continuous small goals will add up. Before you know it you may be shocked at the transformation you’ve gone through. By doing your goals in specific amount of time it gives you a more organized framework. You can post your goals on social media and do post updates every week so that you are more accountable to yourself and you may even inspire others to do the same.

3. Find new ways to motivate yourself outside of the gym.

While it’s important to keep work outs interesting it’s equally important to stay motivated outside of the gym. When it comes down to to it do whatever works for you. Make sticky notes with motivational quotes that you like or self affirmation and put them in places you see every day. Watch motivational weight lifting videos or listen to motivational speeches. Look up people who are doing or have done amazing things. It can inspire you to be consistent and become the best version of yourself possible. What do you have to lose? You’ll never know how far you can really take your fitness and life.

4. Make sure your workouts include variety

DON’T do the same type of sets or rests every time you go to the gym. If you do working out will quickly devolve into a mundane and tedious task. You will likely even stagnate in strength and muscle growth. This is a sure fire way to become disheartened and lose motivation. Variety makes work outs more interesting and will keep you looking forward to hitting the gym. It will keep pushing you to get stronger and build more muscle. Your body wont get the chance to adjust because the work outs will continually be creating muscle confusion. When you continually make progression toward goals it’s hard not to stay motivated.

5. Even if you don’t feel like going to the gym on some days go anyway.

There are some days where you might not feel motivated. You might just want hang out if you’re feeling depressed or tired. If you go work out often times you’ll feel much better afterward because of the release of endorphins. Keep that in mind as it can be used as solution in the future to improve your mood. Your past experiences will grant you greater resolve because they will serve as a reminder of your ability to push through tough days. That’s how progress is made. And sometimes the best work outs are on bad days when you didn’t think you could muster the energy. Like most things in life a physique is earned and maintained. It won’t be given to you and the work is never over, so earn it!
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